Everyone has seen the beautiful colours, along with the soft smooth finish that powder coatings give appliances around the home. A vehicle’s car wheels, ATV parts, back porch metal swings, chaise lounges, ottomans, gliders and metal rockers can all be coated with an electrostatic spray that will last a long time. Most of the companies that complete a powder coating process guarantee it for a year. Parts of vehicles that are chrome or metallic usually require a clear coating be applied to protect it and give it a lustrous look that shines like glass.

There are powder coating specialists who explain the entire process to customers. They thoroughly clean the item in a solution that removes particles of oxide dirt and other debris and adds zinc phosphate, which is also used in the manufacture of automobiles. This is known as the pre-treatment phase of the process. Next is the powder coating process which includes the application of many beautiful colors. Since the paints are polyester, they are extremely durable, and last a long time without fading. Companies are equipped to paint large and small items, although small items are normally painted manually by a technician.

The curing process is the next step the powder coating specialists perform. This is probably the most important step since the paint is actually baked onto the item. If the item is large it can be cured in a large box oven where temperatures are checked and regulated. For aluminum and steel, radiant heat is used to ensure the powder coating adheres to the surface and bakes to a smooth and beautiful shine. A camel back oven is often used when multi colours are being cured. It saves time, and therefore, saves energy.

Companies in the area will pick up and deliver items that customers want powder coated. Every item is pre-treated, powder coated and then cured to perfection to make it look like new. The process protects and beautifies articles made of metal, such as galvanized steel, wrought iron and aluminum. Items that looked as though they should go in the trash can be revived to look as though they were just purchased. After the process is complete, a company truck delivers the item back to the customer.